Swimming Pool Fences

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Swimming pool safety is of utmost importance. The Fence Company of Irvine understands your need for safety and peace of mind around your pool. This is why we offer a variety of options for your home's backyard oasis.

Removable Pool Fences

Removable pool fencing is a recent development for residential pools.  Removable pool fences are made of a mesh poly material.  These fences provide a great, affordably priced choice for those needing to keep their children and families safe.  

We install removable mesh fences by drilling holes in your pool deck or patio, then inserting plastic sleeves. The mesh fence poles can easily be inserted and removed as needed, while having just the right resistance that children cannot move them. 

Removable Mesh pool fence sections connect together with hooks and can also have gates for access.  These were designed for families who wish to keep their kids and pets safe, while not creating a permannt fence. If you need a removable swimming pool fence, give the Fence Company of Irvine a call.  We will give you a free estimate for your mesh pool fence installation.

Commercial Pool Fencing

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Business have a high liability whne they have public pools. This liability can be curbed by adding a commercial pool fence. Additionally, each city has specific codes for commercial pool fences.

The Fence of Irvine stays up to date with all city code changes in our area and we work with permitting agencies to get the job done right from start to finish.  Commercial pool fencing is serious issue because of the liability to your business. No matter which materials you choose for your commercial pool fence, our fence crews are experienced and you can trust us to get the job done right. 

Materials that used most often for commercial pool fences are vinyl or aluminum fencing.  Occasionally, our high-end customers will also choose to use wrought iron fencing. All of these are great choices for businesses who need durability and beauty for their public spaces surrounding their pools. No matter which material you choose, we will install it right the first time.  And you can rest assured, knowing if problems arise down the road, we are just a call away! Call the Fence Company of Irvine at 949-271-7995 for your commercial pool fence installation.

Safe, Affordable Pool Fencing

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We recognize that choosing the proper fence for your home's pool is not a small matter. Maybe you're just not sure what you can afford. Or goal will be to help maximize your budget and help set off your backyard oasis with a beautiful fence.

When you need safety, and peace of mind for your backyard or commercial fence, you know who to call the Fence Company of Irvine. We will provide you with a quality product, expert installation, and the best in customer service. So, give us a call today and see what solutions we can provide for you!