Privacy Fence Installation in Irvine, CA

Wood Privacy Fences

Cedar Wood Privacy Fence Irvine CA

The Fence Company of Irvine installs and replaces privacy fences in your yard and can instantly upgrade the curb appeal of your come creating a polished, clean finishing look for your home. Wood privacy fences are the most common residential fence we install.

Cedar Fencing

Among residential fences, cedar fencing is the most common material used.  There are so many benefits to using cedar for your fence.  Cedar naturally repels insects, creating a built in barrier from wood destroying insects.  Cedar is light-weight, yet sturdy and strong.  You’ll find cedar to create rugged, natural look for your backyard, patio and backyard oasis. We recommend our customers stain and seal their cedar privacy fences to help them last longer.  If you use a quality stain/seal,  you can do this about every five years.  

Pressure-Treated Pine

Nearly as common for residential privacy fences is treated pine.  Treated pine is wood that is subjected to high pressure while submerged in a copper solution.  This cause the copper solution to saturate the pine wood fibers.  This copper solution helps achieve to great benefits.  The treated pine will be more resistant to insects, and it slows the decay of the wood.  Different from cedar, pressure treated pine has a smooth finish, and will give your residential fence a smooth, clean finish. 

Wood Fence Design Trends

White Vinyl Privacy_irvine_CA

Understanding your fence can be so much more for you home, we offer the ability to create a fence design that is exactly what you're looking for. Look, we can do simple. We can do traditional. But, we can also do ornate, fancy and unique.

The truth is, if you have a vision for your fence design, we will work with you to achieve the look you are looking for.  The Fence Company of Irvine realizes your privacy fence is more than something to keep the dog in the yard.  Your privacy fence sets the picture frame of your home, helping add or detract from its curb appeal.  Your wood privacy fence also sets the stage for your backyard abode.  Stepping up your fence design will add to the cost of  traditional fence, but sometimes that added value is worth it. 

You can make this happen by presenting us with images of similar fences you have seen elsewhere.  We will go to great lengths to recreated the fence design you see.  

Looking for an Eco-Friendly Option?

trex composite fence irvine ca

Everyone loves the look of a wood privacy fence. But many today are also looking fro an eco-friendly option and still have that wood fence look. We have options for you!

Introducing Trex Composite Fencing

Trex Composite fencing makes this possible.  Trex Composite fencing has the look of real wood in a manufactured product.  Composite fences can last two to three times as long as traditional wood fencing, while keeping that traditional, beautiful wood fence look.  Similar to vinyl fencing, Trex Composite Fencing is also easy to clean and maintain.  A composite fence is a great choice if you know you will be in your home for many years. 

Give the Privacy Fence Pros a Call!

The Fence Company of Irvine is your Privacy Fence Pros.  Give us a call today at 949-271-7995.  We can plan time to come to your home and show you your fencing options, measure your property and provide a detailed estimate for your fencing job.  You’ll see why we are one of the most sought after fence contractors in all of Orange County.  If you live in Irvine, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Lake Forest or Mission Viejo – we are the fence contractor for you.  Give us a call!